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Final Ceremony at Camp Joy
November 24, 2014

Retirement of the Mannaseh Program

Tribesmen, Scouts and Scouters,

The leadership of the Tribe of Mannaseh met on the evening of October 7th, 2014 to discuss the future of the Mannaseh program. The participation by campers and existing tribesmen, along with the ability to conduct a quality program has been very much on the minds of the tribe's leadership this year. After considerable discussion, and with sad hearts, we unanimously decided to put the tribe into a "hold" status (discontinued) until further notice.

The decision to do this comes not as the result of any one issue. Registration and participation numbers have decreased across the nation. Additionally, the world has become very busy these days. Competing schedules among the many activities (Scouting, school, sports, music, etc) have forced everyone to make choices in what they participate in -- no one can attend everything.

In the end, it was our deep concern over whether or not the standards of a quality experience could continue to be achieved in light of these constraints. We determined that it could not, and rather than sacrifice the quality of the program, it was decided to take this action. If it is determined, at some future date, that the youth and adults of the Lewis and Clark Council want to continue with the program, discussions will take place on how to best proceed.

To provide closure to our many members, and to allow those who were who were previously called for membership/advancement, but were unable to complete their journey, the tribe will hold one final ceremony at 2PM on Saturday, May 2nd at Camp Joy. More information will be provided on the next few months.

This event will not only induct our final members but it will also celebrate the program, our members, and our accomplishments. So please join the Chieftains and other tribal leaders as we welcome new members, recognize advancements, provide resolution and send the essence of Mannaseh on its new spiritual journey.

In Friendship and Warmth,
- Medicine Man Wise Buffalo
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